Dream and reality...


Dream and reality...


The dream which became reality
Has lost its first quality,
But, if it was one of love and fairness,
It can comute to real hapiness!
And, if it happened once that way,
Why should it not once again today?
Why should one think it makes no sense,
That a new dream cannot come true..
If the hope for it was so intense?
The only problem wih this thought
Is that, as times goes by, the wisdom
And the chances for it mixe more seldom..
If until now you took no risks
To climb to the heights as others did,
It is time to take them now...
And do this cheerful and candide,
For you have nothing to loose,
Except your first life you did not like,
But can win, with a bit of luck, a new life,
Which may turn out splendid..


Autor: Flosavant

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